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We introduced the unique climbing hop bine to our farm in 2016 by planting 15 plants of four varieties including Cascade, Saaz, Centennial and Nugget. We have rapidly expanded our hop yard to approximately 5 acres that is home to 4,000 plants. Our hop bines flourish on the south side slope of a field on our farm. Hops like lots of sunshine, nutrients, and water but don't like to have “wet” feet. Our hops are irrigated with fresh well water supplemented with nutrients so they develop cones having the specific characteristics of each individual variety.

Mature hop plant grows vigorously climbing between 8-12 inches per day during the growth phase. We built a trellis system with 20 feet of coir rope for them to climb as they seek the summer sunshine. The lush canopy of the hop plant produces cones containing the sought after yellow resin inside called Lupulin that is comprised of acids and essential oils used to flavor beer. We test our hops' cones as they mature and when the acids are at the appropriate levels they are harvested, dried and processed into pellets. The pellets are then vacuum packaged in mylar bags and back flushed with nitrogen. All packages are labeled with the test analysis that includes the alpha and beta acids.

Cascade HopsCascade
Primarily aroma, low bittering, fruity, citrus, spicy.

Alpha Acid 4.5-7%, Beta Acid 4.8-7%. Used in IPAs, APAs and Ales.

Nugget HopsNugget
Primarily bittering, spicy, herbal, notes of peach and pear.

Alpha Acid 11.5-14.5%, Beta Acid 4.2-5.8%. Used in IPAs, Barley Wine and ESBs. One of the original bittering hops.

Saaz HopsSaaz
Primarily aroma, low bittering, herbal, earthy, spicy.

Alpha Acid 3-5%, Beta Acid 3-4.5%. Used in Belgian Ales, Light Lagers, Pilsners, European Noble Ales. Known as one of the “Noble Hops”.

Primarily aroma, floral, spicy, fruity. Alpha

Acid 4-6%, Beta Acid 3.5-4.5%. Used in English Ales, Golden Ales, Brown Ales and Lagers. Known as the “King” of aroma hops, as it is the most widely grown in the US. -

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Centennial HopsCentennial
Dual purpose, citrus, floral, bittering.

Alpha Acid 9.5-11.5%, Beta Acid 3.5-4.5%. Used in IPAs, Pale Ales, or Bitters. Referred to as the “Super Cascade”.

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