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Raspberries and Blackberries

Our berry patch produces picture perfect berries, as you can see from the portfolio below. We strive to produce luscious fruit that is rich in color, sweet in taste and nutritiously wholesome. Although, we don't claim to be organic our plants are never sprayed with chemicals. We hand pick our juicy berries at the peak of ripeness to be eaten fresh, packaged as individual fresh frozen or in bulk for use in pies, jams or jellies. Of course, the adventurous can pick their own by arranging an appointment. Our berries begin to ripen the end of July and peak through mid August. Frozen berries can be purchased as supply permits throughout the year.

Latham RaspberriesLatham
Latham red raspberries are a large, firm, sweet, deep red fruit that have a wonderful texture, full flavor and aroma. These are good for eating fresh, canning, freezing, jams, juices and pies.

Triple Crown Thornless BlackberriesTriple Crown Thornless
TCT blackberries are a large, firm, juicy fruit with a primarily sweet flavor with a hint of tartness. They can be used for jams, pies, eating fresh, or as a garnish due to their large size.

Taylor RaspberriesTaylor
Taylor red raspberries are a large, light-red fruit with sweet/tart flavor. They are conical in shape and measure more than an inch in length. Enjoy eating fresh, or in salads and smoothies.

Illini BlackberriesIllini
Illini blackberries are medium sized, elliptical, shiny black fruit that are slightly acidic and flavorful. Similar in flavor to wild berries, they are delicious fresh in jams or pies.

Fall Gold RaspberriesFall Gold
Fall Gold raspberries are a blush orange fruit. They are the most fragile and sweetest berry of all varieties. Traditionally they are used in fruit salads, jams, ice creams, sorbets and gelatos.

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